Shipping Details

1.Delivery Guarantee will notify you by email as soon as your order is shipped. This notice will give you an estimate of the number of days within which your order will arrive. Generally the estimated delivery date is 4-5 working days. In case your delivery is delayed beyond specified time you are advised to contact us by email at
You can contact us by email with all the details regarding the delivery that is taking longer than the shipping notice estimate. will get back to you with the courier’s tracking number for the shipment and the directions for using this number to learn the status of your shipment.

If the courier is unable to locate your shipment and give you an expected delivery date, the delivery guarantee by will take into effect.

To notify vannadesign about the lost shipment email at with complete order detail mentioning your phone number and the courier tracking number. The will immediately investigate the status of the case and contact you or reship the order again with no additional charges, or else refund your total purchase cost.

Refunds will be made by electronic credit charged back to your initial source of payment. will credit full amount back to your credit card account in case of lost shipment.

2.How shipments are made     

Generally USA Shipment are send through USPS and sometime DHL / FedEx/UPS/TNT   are employed for shipping all orders. Express shipment means that the consignment is traceable and can be tracked. During this entire stretch, it is possible to track the package, with the courier tracking number provided by the express shipment company. The courier tracking number is provided by vannadesign, once your parcel is shipped. This facility helps you to keep a close-watch on the movement of your shipment, towards its final destination. The entire shipping process is traceable; hence the customers can get their parcels right at their door-step as per their convenience and without any hassles.

In case it is not possible for you to sign and collect your shipment at the probable date of arrival of your shipment, you can certainly leave a note on the door directing delivery to a neighbor, who can sign for the package on your behalf.

If no one can sign for the delivery on your behalf, Express courier will leave a note with shipment number and a contact number so that you can call them and arrange for the delivery.


Lost & Damage during Shipment

In the rare cases of lost and damaged goods during the shipment, buyer should immediately notify the courier within the first 24 hours after the delivery and file a formal claim. All evidence and documents must be retained as proof. The courier may investigate the claim before compensation can be assessed. Buyer should also notify immediately to help process the claim.

Lost mail investigation may take time, and pre-mature filing of chargeback or payment dispute that Smarts Garment is not at fault is completely unnecessary. Buyer agrees not to file any chargeback or payment dispute until the investigation completes and is compensated before taking any further action.

Re-delivery & Failed Delivery

USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL attempt to deliver the shipment for up to three times. If delivery still fails, the express couriers will attempt to contact buyer via phone number and email. If buyer still fails to take delivery, the goods may be returned to Garment at buyer’s expense.


Re-deliveries and returns to sender due to delivery failures usually incur significant delays. In any circumstances. Vannadesign is not responsible for such delays, failed deliveries, wrong shipping addresses provided by buyers, and any other situations that is not at fault.

If buyer fails to take delivery, the goods shall be held at buyer’s sole risk in all respects. In such a case,, acting on buyer’s behalf and at buyer’s expense, may store, insure, protect, and resell the goods for the buyer.

Returns Due to Refused Delivery

Unless specified otherwise, Smarts Garment does not accept returns due to refusal of the delivery by the buyer or consignee. If the courier returns the shipment due to refused delivery or any other reason that is not at fault, buyer agrees to pay all costs associated with the return.

Customs Duties

Many countries offer duty-free or reduced duty for importing goods from certain countries. For example, there is no import duty or tax for importing consumer electronics goods from Hong Kong to USA. Many countries offer duty-free allowance for gifts and small quantity imports from most countries.

vannadesign. will provide the basic export documents and information, including commercial invoice and packing slip, for customs clearance at the designated country. For small to medium shipment using express couriers, may help buyer to clear the customs as a courtesy.

vannadesign   will help buyers minimize their customs duties and will cooperate with them to satisfy their requirements legitimately. However, Garment is not responsible for customs duties, fees, and other taxes imposed by the consignee’s or buyer’s countries. is also not responsible for informing the customer or consignee about their own country’s import regulations, taxes or duties.

In any circumstances, customs clearance is buyer’s responsibility. recommends buyers to consult with their countries’ customs authority before importing any merchandise in large quantity to minimize customs duties and avoid delay. For bulk order kindly order separately to get better prices. All bulk order will be send through proper custom clearance.

If the shipment is held or impounded by the customs in consignee’s country because the customer or consignee refuses to pay customs fees, duties, or taxes, buyer will assume all additional fees and penalties associated with such an act.

Import Requirement

All products ordered from Garment pass the customs clearance without any issue most of the time. However, import requirement varies from country to country. It is buyer’s responsibility to make sure the goods meet all import requirements. Buyers who plan to place large orders are strongly advised to contact their countries’ customs office for more detail.

If the whole shipment is held or impounded by the delivery country’s customs due to missing import requirement, may offer courtesy help by communicating with the customer / consignee and the courier. Such cases are extremely rare and can normally be resolved by providing necessary paperwork.

Other Shipping Issues

In the rare cases of shipping issues, Smarts Garment will help the customer in resolving them. These issues include:

– Damaged goods or packages during shipment: The customer should refuse the receipt of the goods if possible and immediately file a claim to the courier. If the goods are found to be damaged after the receipt, the customer should notify the courier within the first 24 hours. Customer should also contact vannadesign . will help process the claim with the courier. Once the issue has been confirmed, vannadesigncom will follow up the insurance claim with the courier and prepare for sending the replacement as soon as the lost is compensated.

– Lost or mis routed shipment at courier’s fault: will pursue the insurance claim with the courier and will either recover the shipment or send replacements to the customer as soon as the claim has been confirmed and the lost compensated.

– Delivery to the wrong address: If the courier causes the error, vannadesign will work with the courier to recover the shipment or resend replacement after the insurance claim is confirmed and lost compensated. If vannadesign causes the error, he will try to recover the lost shipment in reasonable time frame or compensate the lost up to the total order value once the recovery attempt is deem futile. Such a case is extremely rare because all order details is confirmed and verified in writing by both parties and the courier before the goods are shipped. If the buyer provides a wrong shipping address, will help the buyer to recover the lost shipment at buyer’s cost. No other compensation will be made in such a case.

  • Notices You Will Receive
    When you first place your order you will receive notice from
    •, acknowledging the receipt of your order thereby sending you a copy of your detailed invoice.

      In case you do not receive these notices, then it should be taken granted that your order was not registered into our system, hence it cannot be processed and shipped.

      4. If delivery is late?
      If for any reason your order fails to arrive or it is unable to locate your shipment, the credit will be charged back to your credit card, equal to the amount of your purchase, or a replacement shipment will be sent to you.

      If you intimate us by email about the delivery that is taking longer than the shipping notice estimate, 
  • will get back to you with the courier’s tracking number for the shipment and directions for using this number to learn the status of your shipment.
  • When to expect Delivery    
  • will send you an email as soon as the order is shipped and inform the tracking details. The information helps you to keep yourself updated with the latest progress of shipment.

    This notice tells you the date we shipped your order, and also expected delivery date within three to four weeks. Delivery is almost always in less time than this.


Goods shipped using USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL are insured by standard insurance as defined by the FedEx, UPS and DHL service terms and conditions. Additional insurance can be purchased if the standard insurance does not cover the full goods value. Various types of insurance for air freight and ocean freight can be purchased when placing the order. Please contact our sales representatives for more detail at OR

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